Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

At UnivLabs, we stand as an integrated, research-driven medical device manufacturing powerhouse. Our focus spans a diverse spectrum of medical applications, including Surgical Vision, Urology consumer products, and a revolutionary wearable infusion pump designed for precise, extended medicine delivery. A testament to our commitment to innovation is the recent launch of our flagship product, the 4K Endoscope Tower, with an upcoming breakthrough in the form of a flexible endoscope currently in advanced development.

Why Us ?

We redefine affordability without compromising quality. Our cutting-edge medical devices offer more value for your money, with up to 50% cost savings compared to traditional solutions. We believe that groundbreaking healthcare technology should be accessible to all, and we make that vision a reality.

Our impact extends far and wide, with a presence in over 2000 hospitals across India and beyond. UnivLabs’ innovative solutions have transcended borders, gaining acceptance and trust in the medical communities of India, the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Innovation is our heartbeat, and our patent track record speaks volumes. With 11 patents applied and 2 already granted, our relentless pursuit of excellence is evident. At UnivLabs, we’re not just keeping up with the future; we’re shaping it.

UnivLabs isn’t confined by borders — we’re making waves in healthcare across India and countries like Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Our technology knows no bounds, and neither does our commitment to improving healthcare outcomes globally.

Our Journey



Embarking on a journey of innovation, two visionary minds initiate R&D on the Endoscope LED Light Source.



UnivLabs makes waves in the industry by introducing the world to the first touch screen CPC-based Endoscope LED Light Source.



Continuing the legacy of groundbreaking technology, UnivLabs launches the industry’s first touchscreen Surgical Irrigation & Suction Pump. The sleek design earns us the prestigious India Design Mark award.



UnivLabs pushes boundaries once again with the introduction of cutting-edge Hysteroscopy and Arthroscopy pumps. Recognized for our ingenuity, we secure a $500K grant from the Ministry of Science to develop a revolutionary surgical camera. Additionally, we receive an invitation from the esteemed French Healthcare incubator Eurasante to collaborate on the development of a 3D Endoscope.



In response to evolving medical needs, UnivLabs unveils a CO2 Insufflator featuring an integrated smoke evacuator and temperature control. We also contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by launching a Smoke Evacuator designed to protect OT staff.



Setting new standards in visual clarity, UnivLabs introduces the 4K UL-UHD ClearView Camera. Breaking barriers once more, we unveil the world’s first Cloud Connected 4K Endovision System.



The journey of innovation continues with the launch of the Urethra Safe Catheter, amSafeX, demonstrating our commitment to advancing patient care and safety.

Leadership Team

Meet the Visionaries Driving UnivLabs Forward

At the helm of UnivLabs is a dynamic leadership team fueled by a passion for healthcare and a shared commitment to providing the best quality medical devices at an affordable cost. Our leaders are not just industry experts; they are visionaries who believe in alleviating human suffering, transcending financial and geographic barriers.Our leadership team combines expertise, passion, and a shared vision to steer UnivLabs towards a future where healthcare is accessible to all.

Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh
Founder & CEO

Medical devices must surpass elitism, ensuring accessibility and affordability without compromising on high-quality standards. UnivLabs is committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology, nimble innovation, and cost engineering to deliver medical devices that embody the spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” emphasizing inclusive care for all.

– Sunil Singh

Dr. Anil Mandhani
Dr. Anil Mandhani

It is now the moment for us to take charge independently in harnessing AI and technological progress within the field of medicine.

– Dr. Anil Mandhani

Advisor Team

Guidance from Visionaries: Our Esteemed Advisory Board

Our commitment to excellence extends to our advisory board, a team of seasoned professionals and thought leaders who guide us in our mission to revolutionize healthcare. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and a shared belief in the significance of providing high-quality, affordable medical devices, transcending financial and geographical disparities.

Ram Sharma
Ram Sharma
Advisor Business Development
Ajit Manocha (Mentor)
Ajit Manocha (Mentor)
Ex-CEO Global Foundries CEO & President SEMI
Dr (prof) Romma Sinha
Dr (prof) Romma Sinha
Key Opinion Leader – Gynecology

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